About me. Сar Photographer in Montreal and Paris — Vitalii Motruk

Bonjour and Hello!

I am a car photographer from Ukraine, living in Paris since 2020. I speak fluent French, Russian, Ukrainian, and some English.

I specialize in these types of photoshoots:

  • automotive (day, night with studio light, commercial, artistic, for sale)
  • personal — people (street, studio, boudoir, with a car)
  • commercial (content for your business: Instagram, Facebook, website)
  • other types upon request

My photo story.

My journey  into the world of photography started back in 2013 with a small plastic camera. Back in those days, I had already been dreaming of doing car photography, being inspired by the professional Alexander Markovsky, whom I now have the honor to call my friend. However, I started by photographing people, mostly friends from school, in parks, fields, or forests. Soon i moved to a bigger city and did some studio shooting  in the “boudoir” style or even nudes.

Finally, in 2019 I did my first car photoshoot after the style of the movie Fast and Furious of a Honda Civic tuned in the Stance style. Since then, I’ve been to many car festivals and photographed all kinds of cars. Everyday it has given me the energy to develop myself further, so now I’m here and ready to take some cool photos of your car!